Pearls of Wisdom

Þeosofy, Spirituality, Physics and Science of Consciousness in our ancient traditions - forni siður - How We Wage Peace in Valhöll - Fully Alive

Myths are happening all the time. They are not history. They teach about life of man in Miðgarður. Each one takes what he likes to learn.
We might say, that there is neither “was” nor “was not”.  Myths are not any chronological history.  They shun time. They happen here and now. Over and over again.
Myths convey perennial truth. Myths are understood on multiple levels.  Each man sees them his way.  Some even literally.
Óðsmál sees profound allegory levels.

Óðsmál Research Iceland gives New light on Edda poems and myths, Norse-Germanic spiritual and cultural heritage.
The 108 pearls in this book, contain something new you never heard before:  – For example –
* How we wage peace in Valhöll – fully alive.
* Freyja is our universe, a space-time foam bubble (–our forefathers´  physics–)
* How we lay the bridge Bifröst.
* How to visit Ásgarður daily – from me to me.

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Afrodita, Freyja, Venus are our spacetime foam bubble - our universe
Ásgarður (ás-garður) can be seen as The Unified Field of Total Natural Law
We gain the apples of Iðunn by nýsa niður - transcend thought and spacetime
apples Iðunn





Understand concepts in Ásatrú
Askur and Embla- We are man-trees with roots in That
Askur Embla





Death of Baldur Sun-god is winter solstice / yule
Baldur sungod
Baldur is our sungod
We drizzle the bridge Bifröst - or Bilröst - layer by layer by nýsa niður, and in time, it leads to Valhöll
Bridge Bifröst





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Life is bliss when we see that we are not the created
Life is bliss
Brísingamen Freyju is mankind
The wise cats of Freyja
Cats of Freyja





Mr. Devil
Mr. Devil
Þór and Loki - The first famous drag-queens in our history





Easter our spring deity - Sif our autumn deity
Easter Sif
Einherjar - living men, enlightened in Valhöll - wage peace in consciousness
Álfar, elves, invite us into their hidden treasure
Álfar elves





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We shall live in tune with the cycles of Mother Nature
Equinox Cycles
We are consciousness, Eternity. - The universe, and our bodies are ever flickering Gungnir
Eternity Gungnir
We contact Inner Being by Nýsa Niður (Hávamál) to glorify life in Miðgarður and shovel up Fimbulrúnir - skill in action






Freyja space-time foam bubble - our universe
Gerður in Gymsigarðar - Gerður is mankind
When we dwell in Helia, Geri and Freki recycle our body
Geri  Freki





ginnungagap - the unfathomable gap ginnunga - is all there is
Gjallarhorn Heimdallar - primordial sound - what Heimdallur hears - hidden under the roots of the sacred tree - Ymir
God Ullur burns up the vicious cycle
God Ullur





Syn is our goddess who refuses all sin but lets in into Glasir - us - when we are pure and sinless
Goddess Syn
Live in tune with our gods - (same as:) Never violate the Laws of Nature
Natural Law
Grímnismál (Edda poem) as seen by Einar Pálsson (Iceland)




Gróttasöngur (Edda poem) is all about our abuse of animals.
Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir - author of Óðsmál research
Guðrún Kristín
We do not register ginnungagap with our 5 senses. Our five senses only register Gungnir (vibrations) in Miðgarður





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We make our worlds out of Gungnir. Nothing else is in creation, in the relative.
Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg - our inner cave of wisdom
Hang on vingameiður is to transcend space-time and thought
Hang on vingameiður





Óðsmál - for profound understanding of every concept in Heathenry - symbolic language and allegory
Hel is our delightful rest between life-spans
Hildisvíni, shield of Freyja, is uterus, protecting the embryo





Hrímþurs - in Edda poem Skírnismál - is stagnation on our evolutionary path towards perfection
Huginn and Muninn - yogin and munih - are enlightened men who dwell with Óðinn. Do not take them literally for mind and memory
Huginn Muninn
Tricky Icelandic - do not jump t wrong conclusions
Tricky Icelandic





Everything is within - By nýsa niður - transcend thought and space-time - we contact our true Being
Inner Being
Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir - gothi in Iceland - a.k.a. Göiagoði
Ísland – Göia goði
Jötnar are corrosion, rust, decay - recycling of so-called "matter" - very useful. Jötunn is also free radicals
jötnar corrosion




Never violate the laws of Nature. We shall not build up ire i Almighty Nature
Natural Law
Learn Icelandic
learn Icelandic
Our kids should learn to nýsa niður to contact our innermost bliss and bring the joy into life in Miðgarður





Lord Freyr - herra
Lord Freyr
Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Parrot-learning and dictionary translations also.
Manuscript reading
Meili Óðnsson - the mild one
Meili Óðinsson




We make our worlds out of mere vibrating Gungnir
Mind – Senses
Use Mjöllnir to batter our tröll (/our ignorance)
Mjöllnir – tröll
Mjölnir - to batter our tröll (/our ignorance)
Mjölnir batters tröll





Mother Nature cares for all our needs. We shall live in flow with Her Almighty Flawless Laws. Learn to nýsa nður and trust Mother Nature
Mother Nature
Names, epithets, kenning, heiti, all have a meaning in Icelandic. Meanings which tell half the story in myths and poems
Names epithets
Never carry burdens - never entertain negativity
Never carry





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nýsa niður means to transcend thought - the 4th state of consciousness
nýsa niður
Hávamál - nýsa niður - transcend thought and space-time - imbibe fimbulrúnir
Nýsa niður – transcend
We are Óðinn - Sleipnir is our human nervous system
Óðinn – Sleipnir





Who is this Óðinn? He or She ?
Óðinn who?
Óðinn Vili Véi - Knower - Process of Knowing - Known
Óðinn Vili Véi
Glaðheimar are within - seiður is within - one eye in Mímisbrunnur to understand profundity of human life
Óðinn sees





Óðsmál - for profound understanding of every concept in heathenry, symbolic language and allegory
Óðsmál explains
"Only one life" - Yes one eternal life
One life
Rán is the perfect order in Ægir - the abyss of consciousness
Rán – Ægir





9 daughters of Rán are surface values of life. Rán means perfect orderliness - reflected from Ægir - consciousness - into the universe
9 of Rán
The only worth a fórn (sacrifice) is to fórna (sacrifice) individual self to universal Self
Our reverent forefathers possessed Science of Consciousness





Skaði þurs-maiden seeks Baldur sun-god. Skaði is our will to seek the highest
Skaði Baldur Njörður
Sleipnir - our human nervous system is our vehicle to Ásgarður
Sleipnir - our human nervous system is our vehicle to Ásgarður





Freyja space-time foam bubble - our universe
Spacetime foam bubble
Svaðilfari is the father of Sleipnir, our human nervous system
Svalinn "the cooler" is the shield for Mother Earth. Protecting us from Sun's rays "or they burn up land and seas"
Svalinn – Earth





Understand symbolic language and allegory in our Edda poems and myths
Symbolic language
The Goddess weeps as war, aggression and patriarchy become the norm
Temple Theola
We shall understand the pure spirituality, profound theosophy and amazing physics contained in our forefathers heritage - forni siður





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Everything about Þór pertains to electricity. Þrúður, Röskva, Þjálfi, Mjöllnir, glófar, megingjarðir
Þrymur þurs wants Freyja. Þursar are old stages of evolution of which we rid ourselves
Þursar are old stages of evolution. Their daughters take over: Skaði, Gerður and Gunnlöð





Þursamegir III (3 þurs sons) - Sattva Rajas Tamah. - Rulers of the world
þursamegir III
Learn to nýsa niður (transcend thought and spacetime)
transcend thought
Tröll are our own ignorance - our only enemy





Urður Verðandi Skuld - our own action returning
Urður Verðandi Skuld
Valhöll is living enlightened. Purest state of consciousness of a living man
Valhöll is living enlightened. Purest state of consciousness of a living man





We live Valhöll enlightened
We perform a valkyrja, the act of transcending
Völuspá Edda poem





There was never any war between Æsir and Vanir. That rubbish is misreading and later-time additions
Vanir Æsir
we are consciousness
we are
Ymir "the sounding" becomes the 5 elements
Ymir – the sounding





Our jólasveinar (yule-lads) are our late forefathers to whom we used to pay reverence at yuletide
Yule – Icelandic jólasveinar
Yule is resurrection of our sun-god at winter solstice. Our cycles carry us forward. Yule is all joy
Never put a raw potato in the shoe in the windowsill. Yule is all joy. We do not have heaven-hell punishments





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