Ásatrú – Understand concepts

Ásatrú, Heathenry, Paganry, Forni Siður, are terms for our pre-christian wisdom, that is preserved in symbolism and allegory, which we now rediscover and understand. All about purpose of human life-spans. Completely useless as a tool to dominate.

Termed as:

* ásatrú (ása-trú, true to, or trust in æsir (our gods)), belief as beloved (the original meaning, not: blind stubborn belief in);
(–here, a little bit of the terrible Icelandic grammar: Ás is singular nominative, æsir plural (nominative), ása plural genitive–)

* heathenry (heathen originally a term to debase pagans, now proudly used), heath, a moor, or highlands, upland;

* paganry (pagan from bhagavan, one blossoms into diversity, or one becomes many (quot. Chintaiyalar Peravai, Tamil));

* forni siður, our ancient traditions (plural, yes, as our traditions and pagan religions are diverse – and (luckily) no orþodox!).
(–I do not like –ism, and –ists, as we are free, and there is no “only right” anything to cling to–).

And we shall distinguish between þeokrasi and þeosofi.
Norse-Germanic ancient religions/traditions will now be understood anew in their full glory.