Skírnismál Edda poem

Skírnismál Edda poem  –  purely spiritual –  heathen þeosofi at its best.

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Lord Freyr
Lord Freyr

Skírnir in Skírnismál is the divine ray, sent by Lord Freyr to mankind, Gerður.

Personifications, anthropomorphic versions of powers, can be a trap. Guys and dolls are not the right interpretation of powers in myths.

In Skírnismál, lognfara lundurinn Barri is nirvaana. Here we meet our god. Unity.

Hrímþurs in Skírnismál
Hrímþurs in Skírnismál

Hrímþurs in Skírnismál a picture from our performance –

Above all we should understand the purely spiritual meaning of Edda-poem Skírnismál

—  and learn how to perform the ritual  –
which not the least of great interest for our bairns: understanding the true message of the poem.

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Skírnismál – How to Perform and Understand the Ritual  (English) on Youtube

Skírnismál – helgileikar – Uppsetning og skilningur  (Icelandic) on Youtube

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Skírnismál book cover
Skírnismál book cover


Hrímþursar in Skírnismál are stagnation on our evolutionary path towards perfection, enlightenment.
Do we know that we are on our evolutionary path? Or do we not know?

Gerður í Gymisgörðum fenced in materialism
Gerður í Gymisgörðum fenced in materialism

Is mankind still in ignorance?

The theosophical understanding of Edda-poem Skírnismál :

 Gerður is fenced in in her all-material life,
which saddens god Freyr.
Skaði, Frey‘s step-mother, has Skírnir (the divine ray) deal with Frey‘s sadness.
Freyr reveals to Skírnir his sorrow about mankind not seeing the importance of contacting our innermost divine part.

Skírnir goes to Gerður, the long way from Hliðskjálf in the heavens to Gymisgarðar of the thurs Gymir,
where Gerður enjoys mundane bounty only. Devoid of any spiritual life.

When Skírnir offers her divine gifts from Freyr,
she flatly refuses: “No thanks. Have all I need here in my father’s abode.” “Besides: I do not like Vanir.”

(Note: we are in the middle of a Norse myth, where female power is not easily manipulated)

So Skírnir takes to galdur to convince her.
Tamsvöndurinn, (tams-vöndur) the magical wand, leads Gerður into ”“, dhyaana ध्यान, Icelandic: dvínun, fading. Seeing more than eyes perceive.


Note: the Icelandic verb drepa can mean to kill, drepa mann: to kill a man,
and drepa also means to touch:   drepa fingri á, touch with one‘s finger,
drepa tamsvendi, touch with a magical wand.

When, at last, Gerður realizes that a life in hrímþursar is stagnation on our evolutionary path,
she becomes reluctant, and reflects on this truth.

She (–so it turns out–) knows about spiritual life, but does not care until she realizes this bad thing about hrímþursar (stagnation).
Note that Gerður suggests lognfara lundur Barri. She knew all the time here deep inside!

evolutionary sates of man
evolutionary sates of man

Gerður í Gymisgörðum

Gerður í Gymisgörðum (see Skírnismál)  —   is mankind still in ignorance?

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