Mjöllnir Mjölnir

Mjöllnir Þórshamar
Mjöllnir Þórshamar

Mjöllnir / Mjölnir who “mills”, is “the grinder” who “pulverizes”.

-And what would we want to grind into pieces?

-We are ridding ourselves of ignorance, tröll, which is the big unseen sin and pollution.
In the language of myths, we call that luring enemy tröll.

trolls are ignorance
trolls are ignorance

-How can we, actually, use Mjöllnir for battering our unseen tröll?

-Not on the level of thought and feelings. That superficial sphere is of little power. We shall have to learn to nýsa niður (transcend). Only in the origin of all our real power abides.

Þór ber tröll Þór batters trolls
Þór ber tröll
Þór batters trolls

-Why “going East-wards” to batter tröll?

-Here we let in the rays of goddess Sun / gyðjan Sól, the goddess of enlightenment.
Sól goddess of enlightenment is a female deity in Icelandic, in German die Sonne, and in Gaelic grian, gréine also feminine.

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Listen to pronunciation: Mjöllnir, tröll, gyðjan Sól, Þór

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