Óðinn and Sleipnir

We are making our pony smooth, sleek, willing. Sleipnir is our human nervous system. His 8 legs symbolize 192 nerve-endings.
We take a trip to Ásgarður every day. Preferably twice daily. We so contact the home of all knowledge.
Sleipnir becomes sleeker and purer, little by little.
And we live fulfilment, widening awareness, an all-balanced state of life.
To maintain the smoothness, adaptability, and vigour, when it comes to life in Miðgarður, we must alternate these two experiences: transcend to Ásgarður and live life in Miðgarður. These are 2 different states of physiology.
To begin with, namely, the peacefulness is lost when we act in Miðgarður, i.e. do whatever we are doing here. In time our fimbulrúnir will be lasting.