Óðsmál is a breakthrough, unique research in Icelandic Norse Germanic mythology, Icelandic Edda poems and myths.

Profound understanding of Norse Mythology revealing the abyss of meaning and etymology in Forni Sidr, or forefathers wisdom, hitherto not understood.

This research is supported by Ministry of Education and Culture in Iceland,
University project 1990,
Now, independent research, Iceland

Our quest is to give all men knowledge and understanding
of the profundity contained in Forni Siður / Heathenry / Paganry / Ásatrú.
Do you know why we are born?


Óðsmál Highlights


Óðinn transcends / we transcend
Óðinn transcends / we transcend


New theosophical translation of Edda poem Hávamál Rúnatal
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Valhöll is for the living enlightened einherjar -
Valhöll is for the living enlightened einherjar


How to reach Valhöll fully alive !
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Freyja and her Brísingamen
Freyja and her Brísingamen


Freyja, Afrodita, Venus the space-time foam bubble (Our forefathers’ great physics)
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How to lay the Bridge Bifröst by “nýsa niður” (Hávamál)
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Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir Author of OdsmalThe inspiration and goal of this unique Icelandic research see here


Óðsmál educational material is available as books, e-books (FREE), videos (FREE), and online (FREE).


Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál Dazzling rediscoveries in Óðsmál (more)

Óðsmál has two levels of understanding:

  Guðrún - Author of Óðsmál 1) Understand concepts intellectually
(– no illiteracy any more ! –)

New theories in Óðsmál

 Know the purpose and goal of life
(Do we know?)

Guðrún - Author of Óðsmál 2) Learn to “nýsa niður”

(transcend) to the sphere of no space, no time, no thoughts, to imbibe fimbulrúnir  (skill in action in life). Learn TM ®

The new theosophical translation of Edda poem Hávamál Rúnatal  see more…

-And why would we be studying Óðsmál?
-The purpose is to educate everyone in the profound science contained in the Viking Norse-Germanic cultural heritage.
To educate everyone in new perspectives on Heathenry, the cultural heritage of the North.

Our forefathers knew what human life-spans are for. – We shall rediscover.

Icelandic: heimanám

Óðsmál- Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights

To begin with:
-What on earth would nýsa niður be!!! Nýsa niður?
Doesn’t that mean: to nose down, to pry into out of curiousity!!
What could possibly be spiritual and evolutionary about peeping down!!
Nýsa niður in Hávamál vísa 138 and on/Spiritual Edda, The Viking Faith  7 min 09 sec


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Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights - we are consciousness Þór wears bridal dress Mjöllnir, Þórshamar batters our ignorance Ægir and Rán - Ginnungagap and order trinities in Norse mythology Þjóðvitnir - mistake of the intellect 4 God Ullur burns vicious cycle 5 Þursamegir III - triguna of Nature Goddess Syn the sin sieve filters out ignorance Sif, goddess of harvest, and Þór Easter spring deity Lord Freyr wizard bring up happy kids Rígur states of evolution yule winter solstice valkyrja

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Hel coffee break Gungnir, weapon of Óðinn, vibrations Sleipnir - our human nervous system Fenrir, Fenrisúlfur Goddess Sun - gyðjan Sól dísir serving Frigg Frigg Atlantic ridge Mother Earth and Loki Freyja and her Brísingamen (mankind) Freyja symbol Skaði seeks Baldur jötunn elf, álfur the gods in our brain Askur and Embla Ymir the sounding become pure Þund, Þór batters tröll names and concepts in Norse mythology derived from Sanskrit Huginn and Muninn
yogin and munih Edda vé ása stress gets released

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Þrymur Þurs wants to kiss Urður Verðandi Skuld - natural law - karma guided bird's eye view sound and so-called matter Mother Nature hides Reality take me to a better life Meili Óðinsson waging peace Maharishi Effect waging peace Amrit Kalash for immortality Byggvir and Beyla food digestion behaviour enlightened we see we see not - Óðsmál the Unseen Reality How to Lay the Bridge Bifröst epli Iðunnar Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál Valhöll, Valhalla, means returning home fully alive KLUKK collection of games 1900-2000our Icelandic yule cat

Consciousness and Mother NatureSkírnismál - how to perform a ritualBaldur Höður LokiConcepts in Heathenry

Hrafnagaldur Óðins
Hrafnagaldur Óðins
Folklore – The Woman and the Devil

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Óðsmál educational material is available as books, e-books (FREE), videos (FREE), and online (FREE).

See also Youtube playlists: https://www.youtube.com/user/Goiagodi/playlists