Be careful not to confuse tröll, jötnar, þursar, and above all not translate them as “giants”. Are there any risar (giants, sing. risi (a giant)) in our myths, in the first place.
And who claims tröll, jötnar, and þursar to be big? They are almost invisible to our naked eye.

Learn from Óðsmál:
* tröll are our ignorance, our only enemy, and are inside us, not out there,
* jötnar are corrosion, the sweeping up department, very useful in Miðgarður,
* þursar are old, now useless states, or stages, of evolution.
* Hrímþursar (Skírnismál, Edda poem) are utter stagnation on our evolutionary path.

We wield Mjöllnir to batter our inner, blinding ignorance, and then we start to see clearly who we really are.
We are consciousness.

Our 5 senses only perceive the created 5 elements of our sounding Ymir. Our senses see not who we really are —  ΓΝΩθΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ  gnoθi seauton  (Gnoþi seauton)