Unified Field in Physics and Ragnarök

Unified field in physics and consciousness
Unified field in physics and consciousness
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Note that æsir and jötnar can be seen as Bose Field and Fermi Fields.  (Óðsmál theory)

At ragnarök they are no longer this broken symmetry, they re-emerge into unity.
This is our forefathers’ physics.

Ginnungagap is the Unified Field of Total Natural Law.
It is all possibilities. It is unboundedness. It is pure knowledge.

We are consciousness.
We can learn how to act — living in Miðgarður — in our pure consciousness.

We can master The Maharishi Effect.

Our forefathers’ amazing physics is rediscovered in our scientific age.

This knowledge is given to us by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a physicist, and an enlightened man. He asked for it to be found in our ancient heritage.
That research is Óðsmál.

First Óðsmál book 1996 (cover)
First Óðsmál book 1996 (cover)

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