Ásgarður is the abode of Æsir, the gods  (ás singular, æsir plural).
Ásgarður is on the most subtle sphere of creation. Here we have the greatest power. Here the gods preside over the Laws of Nature, the flawless, all-powerful, never-failing Natural Law.
Ásgarður is the sphere of total Natural Law.
Tefla teitir í túni (tún ðynamis) – as the word tún is derived from Greek dynamic,
also in Hebrew tun is god‘s place.

Natural Law in Ásgarðuir
Natural Law in Ásgarðuir

The gods preside over the Laws of Nature in Ásgarður.

This is the profound sphere of man’s life of which we do not know  – due to shallow education.

Óðsmál gives the knowledge needed to understand the purpose of life.


Listen to pronunciation: Ásgarður; æsir; tefla teitir í túni

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