The only worth a fórn (sacrifice) is to fórna (sacrifice) individual self to universal Self

We should learn what a fórn, sacrifice, is. We should learn to nýsa niður and thereby fórna (sacrifice) the only worth sacrificing: Fórna (bring as a gift; verb færa) individual consciousness to universal consciousness.
Our self given to our Self.
We, so, imbibe the all-pervading perfection into life.
No death, no killing, — only a more perfect, invigorated, empowered life.

Meiðmar, to give in return for the given, is done by transcending the mundane Gungnir, contact inner Self, the Being.  The best fórn to fórna (bring to the feast) oneself, the pure oneself,
fully alive !!

Rögn, regin, Rán mean: perfect orderliness

Note, seriously:
Do not let films and TV-episodes (–nor the Icelandic Sagas, the later-time literature–) become thy bible on Heathenry.
Some “degree”-people are dangerous too.
We are here to correct the damage done to the purity of forni siður (all our ancient traditions),
not to repeat the (shabby) “entertainment”, for money-making, – even if it is fun to watch and really well written and produced (most of it).