Einherji – Einherjar


Einherji (singular; plural einherjar), are living men. Enlightened men. The excellent ones. Please correct misinterpretations which might be found in your head as ghosts from the dark ages.

Valhöll is a place, a golden palace, of pure men  — fully alive — who now, first now, can bear the name “a man”
— which implies: while we are not yet enlightened we cannot bear the title “a man”.

Einherjar fight not with weapons. Spears are used to hold up the roof, armour is shattered on benches.
-So how do einherjar uphold righteousness?
-They act in consciousness. That affects the surrounding.
The scientific term for that is The Maharishi Effect.

Ein-herji is he who fights in Unity (Unity of Total Natural Law (physics))
Alone-fighter, as every individual has influence in unity.
Einherjar wage peace in consciousness. Scientific term: The Maharishi Effect.

अर्य arya  the excellent
अर्यमन् aryaman, a term for a good friend

The Maharishi Effect (wage peace in pure consciousness) in Norse Mythology:

Hvar er hatur vex með hildings sonum þat má ek bæta brátt
wherever hatred grows among the sons of kings that I can amend at once.

Hvar er Æsir fóru um lönd fylgði þeim friður og þóttu þeir goðumlíkir
wherever Æsir went over lands peace prevailed, and they were found to be god-like

Vopnum reft er þak, brynjum á bekki stráð in Valhöll.
Weapons are used to support the roof, war-armour is now scattered on benches –  as here peace prevails. Einherjar do not fight with weapons. They wage peace on earth.

Eggjar ek deyfi minna andskota, bítat þeim vopn né velir
I make the weapons of my opponents blunt

Fljúgi fleinn ei svo stinnt að ek stöðvigag
No spear flies so fast that I cannot stop it

Einherjar – enlightened men – do not fight with weapons, they wage peace in consciousness.


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