World – Veröld

World – veröld
ver-öld means: man‘s life-span, ævi

We make a world in our mind.
No two the same.
The world is as you are, because it is an individual making.

Our 5 senses bring to the brain the 5 vibrational modes of the elements, that are made out of our sounding Ymir.

vibrational modes of the five elements - höfuðskepnur
vibrational modes of the five elements – höfuðskepnur.
© Dr. John Hagelin

My Ymir in ginnungagap – and the 5 vibrational modes.
Höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur, main-created) are Gungnir, vibrations which we sometimes, mistakenly, claim to be solid matter.

Gungnir weapon of Óðin is vibrations
Gungnir weapon of Óðin is vibrations

The brain, in turn, makes out of it a world, an individual world  – a rather instable one.
human brainJust imagine the wisdom our reverent forefathers possessed !

They knew that our world is Gungnir, vibrations,
our world Ymir the sounding, Icelandic ymjandi,
Freyja the space-time foam bubble, as her name indicates,
world, veröld, ver-öld, man’s life-span, an individual brain-made artifice.

And all the other fascinating things we are now re-discovering !
Their profound science of life.
Gungnir - sound - vibrations
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