Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir – Author of Óðsmál

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir - author of Óðsmál research

Óðsmál gives the ancient wisdom a kiss of love – and we wake up to normal life in bliss, joy, and abundance. Normal functioning in life is flawless, and only evolutionary. Learn about our forefathers’ knowledge in Óðsmál research, Iceland:

Óðsmál is all about the spirituality, þeosofi, and purpose of human lives, as told in allegory and symbolic language in our myths. 

Óðsmál explains terms in Heathenry etymologically, and symbolically, and exposes multiple meanings of terms, names, kenningar, and heiti.
Be careful not to jump to rash and unwise conclusions if Icelandic is not thy mother tongue. (–Too much of that already.–) Even Icelanders do that, twist meanings to try to be funny.

And there are still lingering these persistent mis readings of manuscripts, not so easily corrected!