Gunnlöð – Rati – Wormholes – Hnitbjörg – Óðinn – Bölverkur

Kvasir mjöður /mead of wisdom, the wine of Jesus, the wine of Óðinn, Baccus, Dionisos and all these mythical guys, is not alcohol. It is the divine flow of life.


Hnitbjörg  Gunnlöð  Bölverkur

New theory and interpretation by Guðrún:

In this context, Óðinn is Bölverkur, the one  who uses wormholes (physics). That is what his name in this particular myth implies.

Bölverkur full of mead
Bölverkur full of mead
space-time foam, wormholes for Óðinn to transcend
space-time foam, wormholes for Óðinn to transcend

There are no obstacles when we transcend, but some little technique will be used, some little act we must perform to start the inwards flow.

Here, in the cave in Hnitbjörg (the cliff), we imbibe the mead of wisdom, effortlessly, welcomed by the hospitality of Gunnlöð.

Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg
Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg

Hnitbjörg Kvasir Gunnlöð

Kvasir means the sounding squash, so it is all sounds we imbibe here, even if we term the wisdom as mead. Mead, mjöður, comes from Sanskrit madhu.

Gunnlöð is she who lures us into the cave of exploring divinity within.
Verb laða is to lure, löð is hospitality.
She serves the mead of wisdom to Óðinn, i.e. to us, when we visit her.

For the first time in the cave, we are a bit amazed, as we knew not of this profound sphere of life. This is the 4th state of consciousness, unknown to us hitherto.

But by frequenting, we, little by little, start to see better and better in here. The cave in Hnitbjörg is enormous!  Yes, it is eternity and infinity.

Education is missing this out, but Óðsmál has the quest to amend that.

And the mead of wisdom is imbibed and brought into life of waking, sleeping, and dreaming. Yields health, wisdom, and skill in action, fimbulrúnir.

We must un-learn and correct all the wrong imprinting of terms’ meaning.

Rati gnaws for us wormholes (quantum physics).
He is a rat, a rodent, and the Icelandic verb rata means to know the way.


Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg, visited by Óðinn as Bölverkur is we transcending.
(gunn in Gunnlöð can be the same word as guð (god); hljóðskipti)

Related terms: són boðn fórn.


Scholars do not understand all names in Norse mythology.
Bileygur  comes from bhid, bhitta bhinna;
Óður from apivat, to cause to understand
Gapþrosnir and Haftsænir have been mocked, but these names really indicate transcending.


Listen to pronunciation: Kvasir, Hnitbjörg, Gunnlöð, Óðinn, Rati

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