Bragi and Iðunn

Bragi is the shining bard.
Iðunn has her consort Bragi (the shining one).

Iðunn and Bragi
Iðunn and Bragi

What we nowadays call a poet, is about someone who can put words into some artistic heap we call a poem.
Skáld (poet) has gotten a shallow, superficial meaning now, as we do not know any profundity of life nowadays.
A skáld, ancient poet, is the one who conveys the profound Truth in a rhythmic way we call a sacred poem.
Kvæði is from Sanskrit katha, and is the telling of a meaningful story which might be loaded with levels of meaning, understood according to the state of consciousness of the listeners, be it high or be it low.

At the end of kvæði (poem) or a myth, we get that all was an illusion – all gone -we stand alone in the wilderness.

This does not imply that these kvæði (poems or myths) are sheer fiction and naïve stupidity. It is telling us about the volatile nature of the created. Pointing out to us that Reality is not what our eyes see and our brains use to make a world. No, Reality is what is left when all these things and phenomena and happenings are gone into thin air.

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Listen to pronunciation: Bragi, Iðunn epli Iðunnar

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