Óðinn Who

Who is this Óðinn? He or She ?

What sayest thou about the Óðinn-figures (plural yes, as they are many), and his potential posthumous transformation(s):
*Is Óðinn a god?
*How do we make gods? Why do we make gods?
*Are we, perhaps, Óðinn in our myths? Are myths dealing with us, not some figure outside of us? Think of it that way for a change.
*Was Óðinn a warrior king – perhaps enlightened? As: Wherever Æsir went over lands, peace prevailed (hvar er æsir fóru yfir lönd fylgði þeim friður).
*Is Óðinn originally a female deity as the planet closest to Sun of Enlightenment?
(–see Chintanaiyalar Peravai, Tamil, on fem. and mask. planets–)
*Is this (female origin) the reason for why Óðinn enjoys the task of performing seiður, usually done by women?  (–and a bit teased for that–)
*When did Óðinn first appear in our forni siður (ancient traditions)?
*How became Óðinn a main-god for some of us?
*How did Óðinn become the father of Þór? Was Þór not in our myths long before that? And his mother, our Mother Earth?
*Do some take Óðinn for a man on an actual 8-legged pony?
*Does a scholar officially claim Óðinn to be an old man afraid of getting Alzheimers? What about epli Iðunnar then?
*Is Óðinn a man, a mythical character, or a god now, even if originally a man?
*The planets have their cosmic counterparts in us (see Dr.Tony Nader MD), so our gods are in our brain too. No wonder that we feel them to be so real!
What sayest thou?
*Do we really think that all main-gods have to be angry, violent, death-oriented, and dominating?
*Did Óðinn ever compose Hávamál as Hárr Hærri Þriði (high higher third)?
*Is Óðinn really he who bears the 108(?) names he has been given? (–great and meaningful as all “his” names are!!–) – Is he the one and only character in all his stories?
We know that history tends to give famous persons all kinds of attributes, some unworthy, some made up, some bashing, some embellishing.
Gangleri means a wave of wisdom, Síðhöttur is Siddhartha (perfection as a goal)

What sayest thou?

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