Sleipnir – Our Nervous System


Sleipnir - our human nervous system
Sleipnir – our human nervous system

, the 8-legged pony, is our human nervous system, the very vehicle by which to travel to pay a visit Ásgarður daily. Effortlessly, as we are coming home to Ásgarður, the abode of Æsir.

-How on earth do we, living men, visit our un-tangible Ásgarður?

-That we do by nýsa niður (transcend).
Sleipnis 8 legs are the 192 nerve endings.

-Why visit Ásgarður?

-We visit Ásgarður for purification and fimbulrúnir. To become pure is the purpose of life. In Ásgarður we imbibe the wisdom, and bring it into our human life.

We shall understand the profound sphere of man’s life, the innermost that we do not know of – due to shallow education.

Óðsmál gives this knowledge.


Listen to pronunciation: Sleipnir, Ásgarður, fimbulrúnir, æsir,
Please note that the accent is always on the first syllable in Icelandic

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