Apples of Iðunn

We gain the apples of Iðunn by nýsa niður - transcend thought and spacetime

We gain the apples of Iðunn —epli Iðunnar— by nýsa niður (Hávamál). We so contact the flawless Ásgarður, sphere of rögn and regin –the perfect orderliness (–that is what rögn regin Rán mean–), The Unified Field of Laws of Nature.–

We imbibe the age-less perfection. We bring it into our life in Miðgarður.
These apples of immortality, ódáinsfæða (ó-dáins-fæða), ambrosia, amruth, become our flawless skill in action and understanding of life here in Miðgarður. They bring the joy and health in life.

Go to Ásgarður and have some apples of eternal life and flawless actions.
Never again shall Iðunn be lost to jötnar (decay).