Valhalla – Valhöll

Valhöll is living enlightened. Purest state of consciousness of a living man

Mix-ups with threat-tools of theocracies is an annoying fact.
Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir are all-worldly elements, the 5 (space air fire water earth) abbreviated into 3:  “And-“ space+air, “eld-“ fire, “sæ-“ water+earth.
Einherjar are not zombies. Valhöll is “lived” (– as stage of consciousness– ) by pure, enlightened men, who wage peace in consciousness.
Armor is shattered on benches, spears are used to hold up the roof. These kinds of weaponry are not used, but the peace in consciousness is spread all over the world of men in Miðgarður.
(See The Maharishi Effect on waging peace in consciousness.)