Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg

Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg - our inner cave of wisdom

Worm-holes for us to enter, which is easy as we are not our bodies, then nothing less than an air-born eagle when we have imbibed the wisdom.
The cave in the cliff Hnitbjörg is within. There is nothing out there. If we want the wisdom, we should nýsa niður (transcend thought and space-time). Nothing in Miðgarður is easier than taking a trip to Gunnlöð to enjoy her hospitality. All is within, no obstacle whatsoever, from me to me.
Our forefathers’ symbolic language is so mesmerizingly entertaining.

Skáldfíflahlutur (skáld-fífla-hlutur) The share for non-bards