Life in Miðgarður

Our kids should learn to nýsa niður to contact our innermost bliss and bring the joy into life in Miðgarður

Kids are happy by nature, not yet dealing with a more serious Skuld than the family they chose.
(–see Urður Verðandi Skuld as our
self-made karma–)
–Icelandic fjölskylda (family), skylda duty, skuld debt–
Then we (–the grown-ups, teachers, parents–) start wrapping them up in conditions, telling them who they are in context of society. Screwed up for life-time, says Dipak Chopra. They soon find the pecking order of the animal stage.
But there is a way out of this trap, or this prison of conditioning: Have Consciousness Based Education, start to see Miðgarður and all its ceaseless activity from the halls of Ásgarður. The Powerful Serenity. Kids start seeing the purpose of life. See all benefits, meaning, and joy.
Q: Where is Ásgarður, the sphere of gods and flawless laws?
A: Right here, everywhere, inside us – no distance from me to me. Frequent Ásgarður. It greets us well. Our other home in life.
Fólkvangur Glaðheimar