Loki Laufeyjarson Sigyn Baldur Höður Hermóður, Death of Baldur

Loki Laufeyjarson
His mother Laufey also bears the name Nál (pronounce Naul).
Loki is we, mankind, stupidly fucking things up over and over again, and then desperately trying to amend and put things right again.
We even have blindness, Höður, kill our sun-god Baldur. Can we get any more stupid!! But luckily the death of Baldur is only a cycle.

cremation ship
cremation ship
Óðin's sons
Óðin’s sons
Óðin's sons Váli Baldur Höður Víðarr
Óðin’s sons Váli Baldur Höður Víðarr

The name Loki can mean the end of a cycle, the beginning of another, the opening-up for the next cycle. Loki means these perpetual ending (lok) of one, and opening up for (ljúka upp) the next, so he withholds the cycle of Baldur and Höður by refusing to cry over it.

Hermóður sees to the resurrection of Baldur, don‘t worry. Nothing really dies.
Hermóður can either be her+móður or herm+óður, obviously giving two different meanings. He might be only frustrated by sorrow, not any warrior-like performer.

Loki correlates to Kronos, Saturnus, Shani, correlates to sphere of time. Their week-day is Saturday; in Icelandic laugardagur.

Sigyn is always our loyal friend whatever stupidity we perform.

children of Loki Jörmungandur Fenrir Hel
children of Loki Jörmungandur Fenrir Hel
ormur bites its tail
ormur bites its tail

  Some churchian cleansing:

Loki correlates to Kronos, Saturnus, Shani; their week-day is Saturday; in Icelandic laugardagur (pronounce very softly: leu-ghar-dach-eur).

Loki the trickster over-lived in this disguise of a “washing-day” when the gods were (by Icelandic bishop Jón Ögmundsson) taken from the names of days. As the bishop saw it, we should not be naming the heathen gods every day, you know.  Only Sun and Moon and Loki got through this cleansing.


-The churchian god named God had created sun and moon, bishop Jón reasoned, so he considered them not so devilishly heathen as to be banned in days’ names.
But Loki tricked the bishop. Lokadagur laugardagur.


yule cat
yule cat
bukken the yule goat
bukken the yule goat

Funnily enough we have an Icelandic yule-cat, jólaköttur, who, during the dark ages in Iceland, used to eat, swallow, consume, the unlucky ones, the poor and un-loved ones, who did not get any new garment before yule.

Icelandic: fara í jólaköttinn  –  end up as a meal for the yule-cat.

Some claim jólakötturinn to be the Icelandic version of jule-bukken of Skandinavia, the yule-goat. Our cat does not have the fertility-sign: horns.

Loki can correlate to zodiac-sign Capricorn, the goat.

    Greek and Roman mythology, and Roman strategy:

Kronos consumes his progeny. In the sphere of time, a lot of stuff gets eaten up. We still know that to-day. All things recycled.

Saturn is a kind of a cycle, and thus in sphere of time, the cycle of seed and harvest. The name Saturnus is related to Latin sero, satum. Saturnus, the ancient deity of sowing the seed and harvesting food. His is the sithe, sickle, for cutting the harvest. Saturnalia is the feast of the harvest. Saturnus used to be revered, as he brought bounty, abundance of food. Aerarium in Rome, the treasures, is under Saturnus’s shrine.

Constantin the great had no time for attacking Saturnalia in his vast empire. His strategy was to let it be as people were happy with that. He simply superimposed the Roman Jesus fabula upon the olden pagan feasts.

Later, in Rome, Saturnus got likened to Kronos the Greek, so Romans had Jupiter taking over from Saturn, as Zeus took over from Kronos.

Jupiter, Jove, Zeus, Þór, Sanskrit Guru, all have the same day, and share the name of the same planet, and Globus Pallidus in our brain (see Tony Nader, MD PhD, our cosmic counterparts).

see gods days planets and more


Listen to pronunciation: Baldur,  Höður, Loki Laufeyjarson Laufey Nál

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