Life is bliss when we see that we are not the created

Our 5 senses register the Gungnir (vibrations) of the 5 höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur, the “main-created”, elements). We know not that there is more, not seen, to it: That which mundane senses perceive not, ginnungagap (ginnunga-gap), the great void, the womb in which all is, and what, actually, all is. Nothing is “out of” it.

Gungnir is flickering ever-changing, but ginnungagap is eternity and non-change.
We are It. We are pure consciousness.

We make a body to live in. Thereby senses, which, unfortunately, lead us astray from who we are. This we know not if we are poorly educated.