Vanir and Æsir

There was never any war between Æsir and Vanir. That rubbish is misreading and later-time additions

Poor little (or long) Völuspá Edda poem has suffered misreading, misinterpretations, additions, and Christianization.
But who knows if this abuse really was a boon!  Our poems and myths perhaps escaped the fire because they are funny, and because they were adapted (a bit) to the Roman Empire which we call (for fun) baptism.

Vanir pertain to peace, and only when there is peace do we have abundance of food for our family.

Note that peace means our inner peacefulness,
in Edda poem Skírnismál:
to find our divine part in lognfara lundur Barri
(the peaceful inner grove of evergreens)

Agricultural deities, like the first one Murugan, Tamil, had martial arts to defend their crops against grazing and plundering of their cultured foods.

Defence is not the same as aggressive wars,

Óðsmál pix: Byggvir and Beyla are barley and dough-kneading
Names convey a lot when understood.