Transcending in Norse Mythology

týr á meiði - TM
týr á meiði – TM

By nýsa niður, transcend the sphere of thought, transcend Nature herself, we gain fimbulrúnir and galdrar góðir (good galdur magic witchcraft sorcery).

 Fimbulrúnir is the skill in action in the world of men.
All that good stuff belonging to the enlightened ones.
Nature now supports all our actions, —  which now are only evolutionary.
We hear about this in the last part of Hávamál, part of wisdom.

nýsta ek niður निस्थ
nýsta ek niður निस्थ


Note the Sanskrit word ni-stha, standing firm in That, in context to nýsta ek niður, to transcend, in Hávamál, the part of wisdom, all about being grounded in “That”.

“That” is ginnungagap —   our consciousness when we put our awareness on it.

Hanging on vingameiður
Hanging on vingameiður

Hanging on vingameiður, is:  pending in nothingness, in the middle of nowhere.
Here mind is given the chance to plunge into the abyss, our very consciousness completely pure.

We need a delicate technique to give mind this chance of hanging on vingameiður. That we should learn.

týr á meiði - TM
týr á meiði – TM

Fórn, is sacrifice. (Fórn – færa (to bring).)
-What do we sacrifice, and how?
-What we sacrifice, bring, is our individual consciousness. My self given unto pure consciousness.
I am the fórn, the sacrifice, fully alive. We simply transcend.

I am more alive than ever when I fell aftur þaðan, fall from there again into my human thoughts.

Visiting Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg to imbibe the mead of wisdom, is transcending.

To attend the feast at Ægis. plunge into Ægir, imbibe the orderliness of Rán, is transcending.

Meeting Lord Freyr in lognfara lundur Barri (Skírnismál Edda poem) is to transcend the world of though, unite with inner divinity.

No doubt, our spiritual heritage contains our forefathers’ knowledge about us being eternal beings:
Önd skal lifa og aldreigi týnast (soul shall live and never perish).

Líf and Lífþrasir mean that we perish not. Not even in ragnarök (end of our universe).
Líf and Lífþrasir are not just one girl and one guy. They are life itself, or all of us.

Sjáflur leið þú sjálfan þig (thou thyself lead thyself):
Never use intermediaries to our innermost divinity.
The path from me to me is pathless. Right here and now. Transcending is the easiest act in Miðgarður of men.

Transcending - as easy as shown here
Transcending – as easy as shown here

We lay the bridge Bifröst (pronounce Biff-roest), layer by layer, by transcending, nýsa niður, regularly.
In time, Bifröst leads to Valhöll.
First then, as enlightened einherjar in Valhöll, we can bear the name: a man.
We shall understand:
Einherjar are enlightened men – in Valhöll fully alive.
Valhöll is our evolutionary goal.
We live 100% in Freyja as she is our universe,
100% we live in Valhöll when we are enlightened.
This is:
Freyja owns us all fully alive, and so does Óðinn when we reach Valhöll, enlightenment.

We are here to evolve. Somehow we miss out that point, as nobody tells us, nobody teaches us the purpose of human life-spans (ævi).
Transcending regularly all our life-span, is the fastest way to purity.
Our forefathers knew this – and we shall re-discover their wisdom.

Heathens, teach your kids profound heathenry   –   we can study all the findings in Óðsmál.

Icelandic munnleg geymd (oral preservation)
Icelandic munnleg geymd (oral preservation)

Our priceless heritage, orally conveyed through the ages, has been preserved.
(Icelandic munnleg geymd (oral preservation)).

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