Hel, Geri and Freki

New theory by Guðrún:  Hel for the soul, Geri and Freki for the body.

Hel, Helia, is our a coffee-break between life-spans. We should love her.

Hel er björt og köld – is bright and cold.


Nothing actually dies, but when we no longer have use for our body, it goes to the dogs, Geri and Freki, while we enjoy the hospitality of Hel. As we have not needs during this pause, her bed and breakfast service is for free, and we are free to come and go as we wish. That timing depends upon our Urður Verðandi Skuld, our karma.
See also Urður Verðandi Skuld

Geri og Freki (Sanskrit: gara vrika) are our wolves who take care of the recycling of our body-meat after use.
The body, literally, goes to the dogs.

Geri and Freki
Geri and Freki
Geri Freki
Geri Freki
cremation ship
cremation ship

Cremation is good, as it helps us detach from the body when we should be resting in peace and enjoying Hel’s hospitality.
The body can rest in pieces as it was mere Gungnir all the time anyway.

We shall soon make another anyway, so simply thank the old one for good service upto the point of shutting down that enterprise of a life-span.

We are not evolving during the stay in Helia. That we do (should be doing) during our life-spans.

Heljar (Hel‘s) rún (rune) is hagall, its name related to hagl (hail) jökull (glacier), Sanskrit khadjala खजल खज्ञल daggardropar (dew-drops) þoka (fog) regn (rain);
खं kha kham tóm/rúm/himinn, is space, जल djal vatn (water)

Éljúðnir is in Helia, isn‘t it? Looks to me a very cold and wet name of a place, typically Icelandic winter-like. Luckily our senses are not taken with us to Hel, so we do not feel anything, and neither do we need anything.

I suppose a mix-up of our ancient tradition with imported theocracy to have men confuse Hel and Valhöll with the later imported Churchian Hell and Heaven. It should not be confused.
See also Valhöll


Listen to pronunciation: Hel Helía, Geri og Freki, Urður Verðandi Skuld, Valhöll, Élúðnir

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