Óðinn Female Deity

Is Óðinn originally feminine?

According to Tamil Chintanaiyalar Peravai, inner planets, i.e. closer to Sun than we are, are feminine. Closer to Sun of Enlightenment feminine gender.
Planets on outer orbits, outer than Earth, are masculine, further away from Sun of Enlightenment.

Unfortunately outer is called superior, inner called inferior.
Patriarchy always uses such “playing with words” for its own benefits.
Stupid and lousy, but works.

Patriarchy could not quarrel and fight with female deities, such as Freyja, as they “exist not”  – according to patriarchy.
So female deities have to be:
* “written out” in new (revised) versions of stories,
* said to be not existing and dismissed
but in case they could not be suffocated, * then demonized
* or made masculine
Smart and seems to work.

Freyja Freyr, perhaps?
but some change according to needs: Nerthus (agriculture) Njörður (seafarers)?

Loki is the mother to Sleipnir (yes, mother, the father Svaðilfari the stallion of the þurs).

©Chintanaiylar Peravai, Tamil - about 7 planets seen from earth
©Chintanaiylar Peravai, Tamil – about 7 planets seen from earth

Alternating feminine and masculine in names of days:

neutral sun enlightenment, Goddess Sun, Sunday, Sól of enlightenment Helios Ηλιοδιτη *)

feminine our moon, a she, Moonday, Goddess Nanna, la luna, Selene, Artemis, Αρτεμώνη

masculine Mars, our Týr, Tuesday, Týs-dagur Αρειώνη

à  feminine Óðinn, Mercury, Óðins-day, –  note Óðinn a she – Hermes Ερμειώνη

masculine Þór Jupiter Þórsdagur  Zeus Διώνη

feminine Venus Freyja Freyjudagur Afrodita  Αφροδιτώνη

masculine Saturnus Loki Saturn Kronos Κρονία

*) Note: Ancient Greek names of days (before Churchianization), thanks to:  Thyrsos Hellenes Ethnikoi   Θύρσος – Έλληνες Εθνικοί, Euaggeloς
The scholars could not find them for me; claimed them to be forgotten altogether.

©Global Country - knowledge form Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
©Global Country – knowledge form Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Names of gods, planets, days, and correlations to our brain.

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