Jötnar are corrosion, rust, decay - recycling of so-called "matter" - very useful

Understand terms, their true meaning, multiple meanings, and etymology.
“Giant” is a bad translation in our myths. I do not recall any risar (giants; singular risi) in our myths.
Jötnar, tröll, þursar are no giants, not big at all. They have different functions in Miðgarður. Jötnar (–singular jötunn–) are our necessary sweeping-up and recycling department of useless creations. All our stuff is just flickering Gungnir, anyway.
Avoid free radicals in our Gungnis-bodies by favouring a healthy and stress-less life-style. The quickest way to get rid of stress is to nýsa niður – transcend thought and space-time – twice daily all our life-span.