Theocracy and Theosophy

is a god used as a tool ?
is a god used as a tool ?

Some manipulated gods, mono-gods, can be a tool to rule.
We should watch out, be careful, about what and whom we believe.
Some glittering offers might be a trap.

Belief can easily become stubbornness.

That HE said we should conquer lands and territories for HIM
That is a holy quest.

Theocracy and theosophy.   (power or wisdom)

Churchians call our heathenry primitive stuff, and their institution evolved religion.
They actually believe their own lies about us. Well imprinted for a long long time.

We really should understand the idea behind theocracies.

And we should understand the profundity contained in theosophy and vor siður (our tradition).

One might be a tool to rule,
the other giving us knowledge on the purpose of life, and how to live and evolve spiritually and meaningfully.

I recommend that we all find out.

Some might use institutions to gain power and money.

Heathenry cannot be used to manipulate, as it is all about man´s individual spiritual evolution,
our supreme individual goal in life.

Remember also, Heathens, that kids are human beings, not dogs.
They shall learn to take decisions and be responsible for their words and actions.

Never ever put a raw potato in the shoe in the window-sill in December.
The carrot and the stick method does not belong in Heathenry.

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