24 Delightful Chatters

Symbolic language of myths and kvæði (/poems), allegory in god-spells.

35 nýsa niðurDelightful extensive knowledge.

24 illustrated chatters –  little text, big spiritual pictures –  abstract underlying meaning in myths  –  something nice to understand anew


chatter 1 –  dhyaana

chatter 2  –  gandreið,  Huginn og Muninn

chatter 3 –  vicious circle and the “thorn of sleep”

chatter 4  – the ignorance-business; Gleipnir (as compared to Drómi and Læðingur)

chatter 5  – Óðinn go often to Óðinn   – far að finna oft

chatter 6  –  union, yog

chatter 7 –  right wrong – practical science

chatter 8 –  circles  yule (wheel)  dance

chatter 9 –  goddesses  oaths  runes

chatter 10  —  heart mind   love duty   and the “third element” when we are in a dilemma because of the duality of the world

chatter 11 longings have to flow freely  —   bringing up bairns

chatter 12 – Iðunn and Bragi, appels of immortality,  Baldur Týr Ullur,  Þrymur og Freyja, Loki and Baldur,  Forseti in Glitnir

chatter 13 – circles, wheels;  draugur (Icelandic phenomenon)

chatter 14  – Þór

chatter 15 –  Gungnir   Frigg    and our symbolic servants in life   —  names derived directly from sanskrit into norse mythology

chatter 16 –  són  fórn (sacrifice,”to bring”(fórn færa))   expansion   going home to the field where from we came and what we are

chatter 17 – roots  Askur Yggdrasils   Skíðblaðnir   the hidden in the mystics of Reality

chatter 18 –  Álfheimar

chatter 19  –  einherji / arya  – and understand vicious cycle

chatter 20  –  Geri of Freki    jötnar   Helia (Hel)

chatter 21 –  Óðinn Vili Véi    Njörður    Óður Hænir Lóður

chatter 22 –  so easy and natural

chatter 23 –  Urður Verðandi Skuld    sattva rajas tamah the 3 qualities of Nature  þursamegir III

chatter 24  –  Skaði   Sif   nature   regin  Rán