Ymir “The Sounding” and The 5 Elements

Ymir the sounding
Ymir the sounding

Ymir is the sounding universe. This is what his name implies. “Ymjandi” (sounding).

The gods make out of our sounding Ymir the 5 elements, höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur main-created).
Note: No killing implied.

All is perfect according to the master plan. These are healthy and sound sounds.

vibrational modes of the five elements - höfuðskepnur
vibrational modes of the five elements – höfuðskepnur.
© Dr. John Hagelin

Vibrational modes of our split-up Ymir – becoming the 5 elements, höfuðskepnur
(höfuð-skepnur: the main-created).

Tívar tefla teitir í túni. –  Tívar play happily in dynamism (tún).

We should never ever strike a false tone in the perfect symphony. That counts for violating the Laws of Nature, which builds up ire in Mother Nature.

Ymir, OM, Big Bang, E=mc2

Ymir = mc2

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