Hávamál According to Óðsmál

Theory by Guðrún: Hávamál – 3 parts.

Hávamál Edda poem.
According to Óðsmál we have 3 parts:
the 1st part, karma kanda, is some preliminary behavioural code, which Elsa Brita Titchenell so amusingly calls the Emily Post advice.
2nd part of Hávamál is Loddfáfnir starting to want to understand intellectually, the upaasana kanda part of Hávamál.
The 3rd part, jnana kanda, part of wisdom, is purely spiritual, meant for, and understood by, the evolved ones, who see who we are and what the created universe is.

See also: Eddas oral tradition
See also: Völuspá Edda-poem


Listen to pronunciation: Óðsmál, Hávamál, Loddfáfnir,
Please note that the accent is always on the first syllable in Icelandic.

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