12 Iðunn and Bragi, Apples of Immortality

chatter 12  Iðunn and Bragi, apples of immortality,  Baldur Týr Ullur,  Þrymur og Freyja, Loki and Baldur,  Forseti in Glitnir   —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


the perpetual cycles in our life;
Ullur is the fire of knowledge, who burns up all ignorance, purifies, renders man purer and purer
Týr is pure thought, when thought experiences thought alone in purity


Gungnir is vibrations in creation  – we claim vibrations become particles
Gungnir the vibrating weapon of consciousness (Óðinn)
(see chatter 16)
the man on earth (jörð), Loki (lower part of the cycle on this pix) enjoys bounty from nature when he gives back,
and rain comes at the right time (Sif, see chatter 24),
we also see the gandur, hamsa, gander, goose, swan-guise, in which we fly to the sky of wisdom when we are pure men

Eir, ila, is inner peace and sound sounds, health as a normal state, ease (note that all dis-ease is a mistake, the opposite of ease/health)

upper part is the heavens, and our state in the transcendent, Glaðheimar, unbounded width of consciousness
all this is inside us waiting for us to rediscover it

Týr is the fórn (the bringing, or sacrifice, of individuality) —  he is righteousness, the purity of divine law-making; pure thought in the self-referral state


Iðunn is a very busy goddess, and she loves Bragi the bard of spiritual poems
Iðunn means to us the ever-ongoing devotion, the task of obtaining the apples of immortality

every our cell is rejuvenated when we purify ourselves in the field of no duality, ginnungagap

how-ever old our body becomes, it is ever-young;  here is the truth in dying young when we are loved by the gods;
eating the apples of Iðunn is getting in contact with the gods  —   they abide here inside us


her beloved Bragi is a skáld (bard) —  which means that he sees the Truth and conveys it in kvæði (poems) in the symbolic language of myths
so do myths speak to us, that the coarse men only see the surface
but those living exalted states of consciousness learn about Truth by chanting them and hearing them – understanding their profundity

i think Iðunn gives Bragi her apples –  what do you think?  they seem to be ever-young?
note the 3 roots of askurinn,  —  which draw the sap of life from the un-know field  –  that which manngi veit  —  and guess what this has to do with the apples of Iðunn

personifications are a trap
personifications are meant to explain, and are a way to make the teaching interesting, give life to the wisdom conveyed
—  but personifications can become a trap, because we do not perceive the metaphor, the symbolic language, the way of conveying, the allegory, and take them as people!!!

we have kids’ stories where animals speak and reason, even cups and chairs are animated
it is a way to convey morality


myths live in folk-lore and bed-time stories;
the little red-hooded girl in the forest is swallowed by the wolf, and so is her grandmother;
but we get reborn, i.e. jump fully alive out of the wolf’s tommy in the end of all the big-bad-wolf stories

think also of Sleeping Beauty (Brynhildur), of Cinderella from ashes to a palace and new shoes, of Snow-White, and of innocent kisses of love to wake us up

Óðinn gives meat to Geri and Freki (see chatter 20), but the flow of wisdom, vín valföðurs, is the honey-mead for consciousness  —   við vín eitt valföður æ unir  –wine alone val-father eternally enjoys–
(seest thou what i am saying?)

note: val has many meanings in Icelandic; they (many meanings of a word) make levels upon levels in understanding of the language of myths;
but val is from Sanskrit meaning to return home, come back, come home


also Freyr sends Skírnir carrying 11 all-golden apples as a gift to Gerður (Gerður is the one still living in ignorance; see Edda poem Skírnismál);

when Adam ate the savoury sweet apple he was no longer on the animal stage, an thereby no longer in paradisos, the fence;  a woman got us out of paradise into human responsible life; thanks should be given to her –  or “them” rather,  as Lillith is the first biblical woman, free girl, and has her own will – therefore made evil, and substituted by Eve the obedient rib of Adam
it is funny that Eve was Adam’s 2nd wife, but the serpent was his former wife. Lillith
(hast thou herd this?)

Gymisgarðar are the same as Paradise, and means that eating the apples is the way out of ignorance into human exalted life, and eventually enlightenment
not eating the apples what then does that imply?  Stuck forever?


Inspired and taught by maharishi mahesh yogi, professor Antoine Nader MD, PhD, from Beirut, Lebanon, maharaja Raam, has found our gods in our brain, the holistic way of healing, — or as termed: our cosmic counterparts
and he discovered consciousness at the basis of all physiological structures in the universe  —  showing that all physical expression in nature have their basis in the field of self-referral, transcendental consciousness;

he also developed a globalized system of administration from the level of invincibility;
he is a great scientist and a great king (maha-raja) – who worked closely with maharishi mahesh yogi


Loki, mankind, can be very stupid;  and Bragi without man is not worth much for us men; so we should find Bragi within;


the only way out of our dim-wittedness is to imbibe Bragi into our nature, get a sip of the mead of wisdom from Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg   —   something about són, boðn, and Kvasir and all that symbolic language stuff
note: the pot contains the mead of wisdom gotten from Gunnlöð


god Forseti lives in Glitnir;   glit is an open space in the dense wood, and there the sun can get into the thicket
Forseti (for-seti = pre-sident) should be revered as a god who opens up for the light;


in Þrymskviða, Þrymur wants FreyjaÞrymur þurs is past evolutionary stages, now useless stages, and we have to get rid of them

in myths it is called to “kill” the useless past, and we batter and “kill” trolls when we get rid of ignorance

understand symbolic language:
þurs our past evolutionary stages
tröll our blinding ignorance


Freyja is the dynamism of the perpetual creative power in the world, and thereby the entire opposite of Þrymur;   (see Edda-poem Þrymskviða)

never could these extremes meet;   that is what Þrymskviða the funny one, is all about;
we should see the symbolic language, see the allegory in the stories and myths

Bragi sees the story hidden inside the story –  which is allegory –
(the story on the surface is the only one that the ignorant man sees; he does not have the depth of understanding allegory in myths)


sons of Óðinn
Baldur sun-god, Höður the blind, Váli the hawk (haukur, valur) of morning (morning in us), Víðarr the expansion, expansion of happiness, expansion of consciousness;
the 4 sons of consciousness are a cycle with 4 spokes, +

we have heard of cycles and spokes of a wheel (yule) before, right?


Þór is the power in us (see chatter 14)  —   he batters trolls, tröll (ignorance), goes east-wards, and lets into our lives the rays of rising Sun, goddess Sun;
trolls are our ignorance, and should not be there at all;  they are our mistake;


Þór is the power that never gets exhausted —  endless power;

while Iðunn is the one in us always with a firm resolve of bringing immortality to us;

Iðunn is in us, and the perfect health that her apples bring is “in here” for all men to enjoy — if we practice the valkyrja of transcending the 3-guna (world of matter), þursamegir III


we can look at all this our effort as if we were getting rid of a worn-out skin, in order to be reborn to a new and better one:

we call it hamskipti, as hamur is a guise, a skin, skipti changing,
the verb hemja is to master something, or get good power over  — catch and hold  —  bring under control, and hamingja is when we have imbibed the ambrosia, amrita, immortality (of body-cells), into our living body;

at the same time we take a huge step forward up to Valhöll  in this our ævi;

it takes time, and we shall have our Iðunn the active goddess, the one firm in her aim and purpose of bringing a perfect life to all.

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