Theocracy and Theosophy

Þeokrasi / theocracy not the same as þeosofía / theosophy

þeokrasi, literally god-power, is a man-made system, a tool to rule. It is constructed in a way to look like þeosofia, i.e. the surface is all words about spirituality. The core, on the other hand, is strategy, in our case Roman strategy, made exclusively to manipulate the lives, and afterlife, of the mob.

Brainwashing, imprinting, followed with removing of the disobedient if they cannot be threatened, has always been used by theocracies. Only true gods have also been many through the ages. Some of them have been coupled together into one.

A prophet is often invented along with the system.

a mono-god as a threat
a mono-god as a threat

To make a theocracy they start by either taking one god out of the panþeon /pantheon, than banning all other gods. Panþeon is all our gods and goddesses, deva of the vishwedeva. Or a god can be invented out of the blue. We know a mono-god simply named God, which has been used successfully on the mob for many centuries. The mono-gods are given all attributes, can be a severe threat, are very expensive, but extremely effective a tool.

We shall have to transcend to find divinity within and nourish our life with pure wisdom in pure consciousness to see through mono-gods.

Þeosofia / theosophy is pure spirituality, meant to guide man on his path in his present life-span, i.e. exactly where he is now on his evolutionary journey on earth.

Theosophy tells us about the purpose of life, why we chose to be born, what the goal is, an how to reach it  –  preferably in this present life-span.

We should be evolved enough to know that our goal is enlightenment. Only by living in a body can we evolve. In Hel we are not evolving at all, only waiting for the right moment to carry on with it.

A vital issue is to know that the fastest way to enlightenment is to transcend daily. Our forefathers knew, but we have forgotten. The revival of the knowledge is a necessity now.

Learn to nýsa niður, transcend. The easiest technique TM, Transcendental Meditation. This simple technique is natural to the mind, effortless and automatic. I recommend it for the busy man in the world, as it also suits peace-creating groups, as well as men who prefer the life of a recluse.

We wage peace from pure consciousness within.

Every man who has a human nervous system, who can think, who can fall asleep, dream and wake up, can learn this simple and delightful technique so cherished by the human mind. Mind gets a break from triguna, þursamegir III, the 3 all-powerful qualities of Mother Nature.

-Who are they? I have never seen them.

See book 5 three sons of Nature three qualities of Nature.

Þursamegir III - triguna of Nature

Tívar, the gods, play happily (tefla teitir) in the Field of Dynamism (í túni), where the gods preside over the flawless Laws of Nature. So far so good — until (unz) almighty Nature shows up, along with her 3 bossy qualities, triguna (Sanskrit), þursamegir III (Icelandic), satogun rajogun tamogun (Sanskrit).

Megir is plural of mögur (Icelandic), mac (Gaelic) meaning; son; 3 sons of Nature, 3 qualities of Nature.

See The gods happily play in the perfection – triguna qualities of Nature

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