Skaði Baldur Njörður

Skaði þurs-maiden seeks Baldur sun-god. Skaði is our will to seek the highest

Please note on the picture how we (/man) are torn between our spiritual aspirations on one hand, and on the other hand living in a body we make for the sole purpose of living. We have to live a meaningful life. We should seek our inner sun-god, his purity, his enlightenment. Our only means to evolve spiritually, is to live a life in a body. Bound to do that, but not become bound to our body solely.
Skaði and Njörður agree on a compromise: 9 days by the irritating laughter of sea-gulls, 9 days climbing high in the cold snow and steep mountains.
(Note: some claim Skaði to be Skanda, and some claim Skaða (/Skaði´s) name to be found in the name Skandinavia;

Icelandic grammar: nominative Skaði, gen. Skaða;
Nothing to do with dictionary translation of skaði as loss, misfortune.)
Note: The word skaði (not capitalized) is not the same as Skaði (capitalized) Þjazadóttir.

Stay away from senseless dictionary-translations.