Lord Freyr

Lord Freyr wants us to enjoy bounty in life.

Freyr and Gullinbursti - his golden-maned boar
Freyr and Gullinbursti – his golden-maned boar

Freyr is peace, and peace means to us, food and prosperity, and prosperity and food is the prerequisite for peace, frith.   We should see the context of one to the other. Poverty and hunger disturbs peace, frith.
Freyr stands for material abundance,
but he also reminds us of where real peace is  – it is within  – in lognfara lundur Barri.
(/the peaceful grove of evergreen – as a metaphor for transcending).
We wage peace in our world by nýsa niður –  as do einherjar


Freyr is for us men in Miðgarður, and Freyr is for us men in lognfara lundur Barri within.

Byggvir and Beyla, the names, tell the story:  Byggvir the barley guy, Beyla the dough-kneading girl.
We should understand names in myths and poems. Names are not mere meaningless labels. Names convey the purpose of the character in the story.

Byggvir and Beyla
Byggvir and Beyla

there is more to life than material abundance  –  and Freyr is worried if we realize not the importance of that part of human life.

Edda poem Skírnismál
tells us.
Gerður (i.e. we), here, gets to know the importance of contacting our innermost divinity in lognfara lundur Barri. If we miss out that sphere of life, we are in danger of stagnation on our evolutionary path, metaphorized as hrímþursar.

only chasing stuff is a waste of a human life-span (ævi)
only chasing stuff is a waste of a human life-span (ævi)
our 5 senses
our 5 senses

Our 5 senses are made exclusively for detecting the 5 glittering flickering elements.
But lognfara lundur Barri (see Skírnismál) is within human thought. Here we gain the real nourishment and the real frith (peace).

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