We drizzle the bridge Bifröst - or Bilröst - layer by layer by nýsa niður, and in time, it leads to Valhöll

Bifröst (pronounce ´Biff-roest, accent on the 1st syllable (as always in Icelandic;
–please do not call our precious bridge “buy Frost” – that hurts–)

Bifröst is invisible, made of our purity.  Laid, layer by layer –as if drizzling stardust– by the most delicate act performed by man in Miðgarður: nýsa niður  = transcend thought and space-time, mind pending on vingameiður.

Note: vingameiður is not a real physical tree.

Bifröst is the most precious bridge we can ever make.

Note: Valhöll is for living men.

-The reindeers?
Óðinn rides over the sky at yule-tide to chase away wights of cold and darkness. We should be air-born too.

Where is the bridge Bifröst?
Oh, it is said to be the caduceus, or chakras – often shown as serpents twining;
Tamil ka´sukh’  originally.

Greek kérux  –  carried by Hermes /Mercury /Óðinn  –  much to do with purity.