Mind and Senses

We make our worlds out of mere vibrating Gungnir

Mind knows not what it seeks until we introduce the inner peacefulness to it. Till then mind rejoices in the fleeting Gungnis-stuff brought endlessly by the senses.
They (the 5 senses) cannot register the Underlying Field, ginnungagap.
The 5 senses register only the 5 elements, the 5 vibrational modes, from the primordial sound Ymir (OM, Bang). Out of that we make our worlds.

We should know that we are not the stuff, not our body, but the individual soul who never perishes. — Önd skal lifa og aldreigi týnast
–. We are Líf and Lífþrasir – who never die.

We do not make our worlds in the brain. They are somewhere deeper than that.

World is in Icelandic veröld, ver-öld, and means man´s life-span. No two make the same. Each world/veröld is, thus, as each maker makes it.

Note: Gungnir means vibrations.