Theosophy in Heathenry

Theosophy  – þeo-sofi, knowledge of gods – is all about there being more to life than meets the eye,
as eyes are made exclusively for Gungnir (vibrations) of the element fire, or: sight relates to light, registers light-vibrations.

We tend to trust our 5 senses, and take the world for something substantial, even as it were all there is.

Heathens, pagans, ásatrúarmenn, not necessarily agree on anything, so there are as many “heathenries” (versions of heathenry) as there are heathens.

This is why we cannot dispute.
We are also too lazy to discuss with Churchians.

For us, who see spirituality and þeosofi in forni siður (our ancient tradition), it seems to be almost everywhere in our Edda-myths and Edda-poems:
as symbolic language,
as allegory (the untold story within the told one),
and in metaphors

Some understand Hávamál  nýsta ek niður, others do not

Some, on the other hand, see a man hanging on a cross or in a tree, instead of sun-gods and someone transcending.

And some mock the whole heritage:
Skírnismál  lognfara lundur Barri   – some claim Gerður to be threatened to the extent that she has to go to bed with Freyr. And he is so much looking forward to screwing her.
That is how the National Theatre of Iceland presented it as a porno-piece on stage, Freys sword being his penis.

Bölverkur sneaks into Hnitbjörg, sleeps with Gunnlöð, drinks all her ale, and leaves her crying.  Then spews into Ásgarður, and some diarrhea slips out or the rare end, to the great joy of “non-bards”, skáldfíflahlutur (the rare-end share for those who claim to be skáld, but are not).

Óðinn as Bölverkur
Óðinn as Bölverkur

Óðinn as Bölverkur, here in the guise of an eagle, hardly able to fly, as he imbibed all the mead of wisdom in Hnitbjörg.

If we take the story further for those who mock our myths:
How smells the eagle-guise in Ásgarður?   Óðinn not so heroic as on some other pictures.

Afterwards, Bragi (–Bragi is real bard, skáld–) is asked to embellish the story.

Bragi writes
Bragi writes

All this primitive rubbish is called symbolic language and allegory, which has to be understood.
Who believes that !!  Not any thinking man.

No wonder, that even some heathens say: There is no theosophy in heathenry.
They learned that from the Churchians who put disdain on vor forni siður (our ancient tradition), and imprint their views on it for centuries (during the dark ages of Europe).

No wonder that this is how scholars made school-books for us
(seeing only sex and fucking everywhere):


Feast at Ægis – funny stories !!  A man cannot breathe in the depths of the ocean.

“The kitchen in Valhöll” –  dead men drinking, eating, fighting.  How stupid!

Valkyrjur picking up dead men on a battle-field, air-born, bringing them into the sky.

How could the olden stupid guys, our primitive forefathers, believe in this, and call it some knowledge of life !!!

The answer is:
-Well, we never “believe in” anything.

So you see: Everyone has “his own” view. And: “my” religion/view is superior, that of others is primitive.
Jesus walked on water, but “flying yogis” is a lie. Only Christians can levitate. (I really heard this.)

©Björn Jónsson
©Björn Jónsson
Bragi writes
Bragi writes

Björn Jónsson, in his book Stjarnvísi í Eddum takes further findings of Einar Pálsson: our myths in the sky.

And there have always been men who understand the knowledge hidden under this funny veil of myths.
Perhaps that very guise was what saved them during the dark ages of ignorance?
If we want, we can learn all about our ancient theosophy and profundity in Óðsmál.

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