Mímir and Heimdallur

vibrational modes of the five elements - höfuðskepnur
vibrational modes of the five elements – höfuðskepnur.
© Dr. John Hagelin, physicist

Mímir, Sanskrit smritir , स्मृति

नष्टो मोहाः स्मृतिर्लब्धा

nasto mohaah ísmritir labdhaa
ignorance gone, Mímir regained

Mímir is the memory of all. Mímir remembers back and forth. By this rubbing, an opportunity for space is gained, which Heimdallur makes use of to sound his Gjallarhorn. The first element, höfuðskepna, being born.
Memory and what is to be heard is, so, closely connected:
shruti smriti. श्रुति  स्मृति

Heimdallur has 9 mothers. Who are they?
-If we see space as 10D (/10 dimensions), knowing that one of them is time, these remaining 9 become the mothers of creation’s first-born element, höfuðskepna (höfuð-skepna, “main-created” , Heimdallur as space.

Heimdallur ©Björn Jónsson
Heimdallur ©Björn Jónsson

Heimdallur in Himinbjörg, in the book Stjarnvísi í Eddum, by Björn Jónsson, Manitoba, an Icelander who interprets in context to the sky, findings of his friend Einar Pálsson,.  Very interesting book.
The 5 elements from our sounding  , our universe, are: space air fire water earth,
to which, in turn, our 5 senses correlate respectively:  hearing touch sight taste smell.

only chasing stuff
only chasing stuff
Our 5 senses
Our 5 senses

Know that there is more to life than chasing stuff.


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