Transcending in Hávamál in Norse Mythology

Learn to nýsa niður (transcend thought and spacetime)

Now is the time to understand our forefathers’ language. Mind always seeks bliss, but is overwhelmed by the so-called stuff that our 5 senses bring to it.
When we practice nýsa niður (–Hávamál; nose down–), thought becomes a tiny flickering flame only, and then expands, to then contact pure consciousness. This contact is pure bliss. Glaðheimar of Óðinn/us.
In the silence enjoyed here, some stress is released in our physiology, Sleipnir is teased, and mind begins to think – mind loves its specialty, i.e. thinking.

We fall from there again (–Hávamál, fell ek aftur þaðan–). But these particular thoughts are only indication of stress-release. So we disregard them, and innocently take another dive inwards. We are imbibing fimbulrúnir here.

Óðsmál states:

* 1st part of Hávamál a behavioural code for crude men, (not special Icelandic; found all over)
* 2nd part for aspirant of truth, Loddfáfnir,
* 3rd part pure þeosofi for the enlightened to understand.

Note: nýsta is past tense of verb nýsa. We can tell only afterwards about our visit to Glaðheimar, as human thought is in Fólkvangur only.
Glad means happy, and also means wide. Unbounded width of Glaðheimar.