Brimir – Listen to Names in Our Mythology

Brim (breakers)
Brim (breakers)

It is delightful to understand names, as Brimir refers to the violent ocean surface.
We Icelanders understand that phenomenon only too well.

But we should also listen to the sounds in names and concepts:
Listen to names in our mythology. Listen slowly slowly to Brimir:
Bbb  –  rrrrr  –  i i i i – mmmmmm – iiiii  –  rrrrr.
Can you hear the creation and the turning of a cycle into itself and the continuity?

Brigit is the Celtic Mother, a triple goddess, mother to gods. Listen, slowly slowly to her blessed name.

Vaticano dolore
Vaticano dolore

She was later turned into some nun, covered up in a Christian burka, where her wild red hair was not shown any more, and she piously held a cross.
What was not suffocated or demonized was, consumed, adopted, utilized, used in a different/distorted meaning.

We shall rediscover our own profound meaning – with the help of Óðsmál


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