Gungnir - vibrations
Gungnir – vibrations

Gungnir, the spear of Óðinn, is but different vibrational modes, superstrings, intangible ever-flickering vibrations, which we claim to be matter.

This is the profound wisdom from our forefathers, now explained by Óðsmál

Pity, that many have an illustrated Óðinn warrior holding his sturdy spear, which turns out to be intangible vibrations.  All these beautiful elaborate illustrations have lead us away from the original meaning.
Gungnir means vibrations. Many a man understands not meaning of names.

©Dr.John Hagelin, physicist
©Dr.John Hagelin, physicist

Vibrational modes of our 5 elements –  Icelandic: höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur, main created) from Ymir “ymjandi“, the sounding one.

-Why would this spear be the weapon of consciousness, Óðinn?

-Do we know that by putting our awarenss on Gungnir we create?
We create with attention alone, as the universe is but vibrational modes.

We even, in this way, create a body to live in, a new one for each life-span (ævi). An ever-changing one (/keeps on changes all our life).
Our body is but Gungnir. The disposable shrine of the soul.

And Freyja has the body of strings, Zitterbewegung, Super-strings.
She is of a different size than our body, we must admit. She is our universe in which we live.

This Gungnis-“stuff“ is what we make a world of — an individual one in each one‘s individual brain.   World means man‘s life-span, veröld, ver-öld.
Our forefathers knew when they used the word ver-öld (world). But we know not.
Óðsmál will amend this lack of understanding.

The 5 senses bring Gungnir to the brain,
which, in turn, makes a world our of it.

Gungnir is a weapon, geir (a spear), and we should use a weapon with precision. Our responsibility is great, as we create.
geir  हेष  hes हेषस hešas हेषु hesu, quick,
Geirlöðnir is one of Óðins  many names,

I am the abyss
I am the abyss

As our body is but Gungnir, vibrations, not solid at all, all-porous, mind is not confined to body as if in prison. Mind can go anywhere it wishes to go. Mind and body are one.
Óðinn as Bölverkur, he who perforates and uses wormholes, has told us how easily we gain the mead of wisdom in Hnitbjörg within.


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