Never Carry Burdens

Never carry burdens - never entertain negativity

The stupidest thing on earth is to carry some imaginary burdens. Hávamál gives advice: Throw away what thou dislikest, skjót um öxl (throw over thy shoulder) því er þér atalt þykir (what feels uncomfortable and harsh).
Life is all joy and delight. Meant to be. It’s nature is. So do not invent troubles and worries.

Hávmál gives advice: ósvinnur maður vakir of nætur og hyggur at hvívetna, þá es móður er að morgni kömur, svá es víl sem vas  (–an unwise man stays awake during night thinking of many things – he is worn-out at break of day, and all the troubles he has invented have not changed a bit–). Skip worries.