24 Skaði, Sif, Nature, Regin, Rán

chatter 24   Skaði   Sif   nature   regin  Rán     —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self  (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


we do not see Valhöll

someone has to tell us all about it

as many stories we were told, take place in a palace, we always have to listen to the story without ever having visited the palace in question
by listening to the story it becomes real to us


i am the god over my body cells, the king, if you wish, and my body and my surroundings depend upon my purity

the field is orka (energy) and svinnur (intelligence), and i am all responsible

the created world (on one hand) and (on the other hand) the “i”, the real me, aham, are not connected in any way

the origin of the world —  the field from which the material world has come, and by which it is sustained — has no connection to the Schauspiel that is created within It
–none whatsoever

the created world is all gungnir, waves, quarks, etc, for which the great intelligence is responsible

some call it the play of Brahman, brahmalila
so is it just for fun, and evolution, thereby, all joy and fun?

that Field does not even take any part in anything in our beautiful world, the creation!!
yet It is all responsible for its coming into being and the sustaining of it!

it all began with Freyja the space-time foam bubble,
and the curiosity-process of Óðinn Vili Véi


Pan is sometimes having fun by frightening sheep and people, and we call it to panic when we do something out of fright, as an involuntary reaction to fright, the animal instinct to flee of fight back in a moment of peril

there is a great difference of evolutionary stages of Pan and Afrodita;  we know that
yet they are both worldly

all gods and goddesses are worldly
they are on the sphere of the laws of nature the sphere of total natural law



Skaði, skír brúður goða (the bright bride of gods), is not a goddess
she is the daughter of Þjazi the þurs
she takes over from her father after his death
(old stages of evolution must go, and a new phase must begin)
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Skaði wants good bright Baldur for a husband, the sun-god, one of Æsir, son of the High One,

but happens to choose Njörður, who is a Vanur, our origin in the sea, Njörður í Nóatúnum (zodiac sign aquarium; Einar Pálsson interprets Grímnismál)

Skaði and Njörður are stuck in a difficult marriage, but they do not divorce, they negotiate

(note:  9 days in their myth is not any specific time, only some time, a lapse of time; 9 always is a mystical number in our myths)

Forseti, one of the gods, lives in Glitnir, a place where the sun-rays can reach:  glit (Icelandic word for that)
(for- = pre-, -seti = -sident, forseti = president)

(see chatter 17 for the zodiac, names and abodes of gods and goddesses  —   and Þjazi and Skaði)

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Rán rögn regin (gods) are words/names meaning orderliness

Rán is the wife of Ægir,
she is the orderliness in the abyss of waters

there are many words for gods, and each deity can have many names and functions in different situations
nothing is easily grasped in the world of myths

the names speak the allegory

even a word or a name may have many meanings, different meanings, and profound meanings that we might miss out
we cannot use dictionary-translations
we have to understand the depth and creativity of old Norse and Icelandic, if we wish to understand and explain to others

Rán, rögn, regin,  rac, racana,  has much to do with orderliness, as the laws of nature run the entire universe with perfection
rögn og regin the order in the sky of consciousness


the name of Óðinn at yule is Jólnir (from jól)

he, at this time of the year-cycle, rides over the sky to chase away wights of cold and darkness

in Sweden bairns put out grains and hay for his Sleipnir, or his reindeers
they help the good forces to drive away the winter-hoarfrosts, so that spring can come

— sadly enough Christian(?) Santa Claus is used as a threat on bairns by stupid mothers;
he is said to put sweets into the shoe in the window-sill, if   —  and only if  —  the kid obeys rules that the grown-ups make (called to “be good”);
— and if the kids do not obey (called to “be bad”, and have a free will and their own longings and desire and want to perform that (that is “are bad”),
then  —   then —  Santa punishes them by giving them a raw potato in the shoe in the window-sill;
— it is a shame  —  at the delicate time of all love and piece  —  that stupid parents mis-use the innocent looking-forward-to of little bairns, in a way to subdue them under their sway and will in a lousy way
— this is a terribly theocratic way of ruling over other’s lives, not respecting that every individual is on his own path, svadharma, and should be helped there by all his fellow-men


Ester is the deity of spring;  perhaps personified as a13 years old girl  — not a woman, not a child, but something that will be very soon


in the transcendence we do not experience anything, but yet we call it “research in consciousness”, because, on returning to the world of thoughts, we have become wiser men

we should nýsa niður (transcend) every day all our life, and we become wiser and wiser every day, day by day

(note:  of course i could not draw a picture of ginnungagap and the feeling of transcending, as there is no feeling and no attributes to register
but that white here above is an attempt to paint a personification of It; i admit i failed


there are 3 beautiful þurs-maidens in our life
Gerður Gymisdóttir, Skaði Þjazadóttir, Gunnlöð Suttungsdóttir

female powers in Norse myths are really powerful powers  —  terribly bossy and determined, proud and intelligent, efficient and wise
Nordic women are so too, and our guys like it that way, love us as we are


the gods preside over the laws of nature, as presidents, forsetar náttúrulögmálanna  (pre-sident, for-seti)

we can entirely rely on their perfect orderliness and flawless harmony of all things in the universe

we shall never violate the laws of nature, grem eigi goð að þér, never take more than needed
and we shall live in peace with the laws of nature, in flow with them, lifa í sátt við goðin
and pay back to nature by transcending every day, gjöf skal gjalda ef vináttu á að halda;

if we do not, we are mere thieves (bhagavad gita)


-guess who?
-yes!  Skaði, Gerður, Gunnlöð  our 3 maidens
—   and past evolutionary stages, þursar, their fathers and grandfathers behind them


do no wrong as this disturbs the flow of Þund, dharma, that which upholds;

Urður Verðandi Skuld then return only bad karma for thyself in due time
so it is really stupid to violate the laws of nature and offend the gods and goddesses
we know all too well when we do something sinful
we are all responsible for our action and can never ever blame another man, nor our circumstances, for anything in our life


do all good, and to do so spontaneously and naturally
we shall heighten our state of consciousness to Valhöll, at least !!

easily we act according to our exalted nature then

Valhöll, cosmic consciousness, is the 5th state (after waking, deep sleep, dreaming, and transcendence (the 4th))
and there are still higher ones

in Valhöll we see the world as aloof from ourselves, but in unity consciousness we are in one-ness with all


we should love and respect mother nature
she cares for all our needs
but we shall give back for her gifts by knowing where from they come, and live that underlying field, ginnungagap, our origin and core and essence


this we do by performing a yagya, valkyrja, the true union, yog, that is not on the sphere of thinking, but within us in a field that not even our dear little pure thought can enter

öndurgoð Ullur, the fire of knowledge, traveling fast on skis, is a most precious god to have

Ullur í Ýdölum (aries)
he has been praised and revered in many places in Europe, and we need him
he is a practical necessity to have in our life

all this wisdom is very practical science of life, as it teaches us:
* how to live a perfect life
* enjoy perfect heath
* make our world a perfect place to live in


öndurgoð Skaði, the daughter of a þurs, our will to reach the highest peaks of spiritual heights


a small Freyja found in Sweden. gold  –  our space-time foam bubble  — a universe


before we start practicing són, fórn —  sacrifice of individuality into the unfathomable abyss  — we are not powerful, and we are easily moved by little joys and little sorrows in the world


when we start transcending every day, we become endowed with fimbulrúnir, become strong, and not easily pushed about by all these worldly winds

we find equanimity and peace  — we radiate peace, and if many men in the society perform a valkyrja together, there is peace radiating all over  –  in pure consciousness


we need a pure Sleipnir (nervous system) to transcend, so we take care of what we eat, say, think, and of our emotions

it works both ways:

by transcending we purify our Sleipnir, so that he becomes our spiritual vehicle, perfect smooth supple and flexible, alert and relaxed, always in restful alertness   —  i.e. a perfect nervous system!!

what more would we want??


transcending is like pulling back the arrow to gain force to shoot forward

when we are sitting down to transcend, we are doing that _only_, and nothing else
all thoughts which pop up, shall be regarded as rubbish, as they are due to release of stress in the physiology
and we do not fight them, because then we are only replacing a thought with another thought   —  instead of allowing mind to get out of sphere of thought

the path from me to me has no obstacles;  and mind, thought, automatically glides home to our origin

thoughts come when stress that is getting released irritates the nervous system

the only thing that the brain can do is to think, so the brain thinks when it is evoked / stirred up
accumulated stress gets released from our body-cells in this peacefulness

we want old stress to be released, so this is a part of the procedure, the mechanism of the TM-technique

nísta ek niður, fell ek aftur þaðan  (Hávamál rúnatal about the mechanism of transcending), sliding in and popping out

Sif is Þórs víf (wife), and Þór is Sifjar ver (húsbóndi, husband of Sif)

her golden hair has been likened with the ripe vegetation on the field

if we give Óðinn to Óðinn, our self to our Self, rain will come in the right time, and we make hay when the sun shines

we can trust nature if we give back to her  —   every day of our life


and we live in all these perpetual cycles, small, medium, large, XL (extra large), and huge; and they carry us onwards because they are wheels, like yule


this is our quest (up) and our experience (past)
we can have both if we are smart enough to do so
Njörður and Skaði do


Meili is the mild son of Óðinn
we should culture his aspect in us, gentle speech, speak truth, act uprightly, be fair

it will do good to us and all men, animals and surroundings for all time to come

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