Eternity and Gungnir

We are consciousness, Eternity. - The universe, and our bodies are ever flickering Gungnir

We, blindly(!!) trust our senses that perceive the Gungnir (vibrations) in the created universe. This very task (perception) is what we make them (the senses) for.
They correlate to the 5 höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur, main-created), coming from Ymir the primordial sound.

But where from comes Ymir the sounding?
In what soup is our universe Freyja floating?

ll this stuff comes not “out of the blue”. Nor is it popping up in some “empty void of nothing” as some, nowadays, claim our ginnungagap to be.
The perfect correlation in the universe (all universes) is mirrored from the pure knowledge that ginnungagap is. The womb in which all is, the knowledge in which all is.

Know that we, our innermost consciousness, is That.
We see That not with our eyes. But we can contact It by nýsa niður.