We contact Inner Being by Nýsa Niður (Hávamál) to glorify life in Miðgarður and shovel up Fimbulrúnir - skill in action

Fimbul-rúnir are our powerful skill in action in Miðgarður, when this skill comes from (–and is powered by–) the perfection of Ásgarður, the sphere of Laws of Nature — when it is powered by the perfection and knowledge mirrored in the universe.

Perfection and knowledge is what ginnungagap is.

We contact our consciousness by nýsa niður (transcend thought and space-time). In time, we become perfectly pure and all-powerful.

– It is said that peace prevailed where Æsir as men went over lands, so they knew how to nýsa niður and wage peace in consciousness, or so we claim.