Draupnir, Óðins golden ring, burned on the cremation fire of Baldur. Forged for us.
In Edda poem Skírnismál, Skírnir offers Draupnir as a gift to Gerður (mankind)

cremation ship
cremation ship

From Draupnir drip more golden rings, not less heavy.

The name Draupnir indicates that dripping;  drjúpa is to drip, dropi is a liquidy drop, here pure liquid gold.

This is bound to be very precious for us and our spiritual evolution.
Rings have some great significance.
In Gróttasöngur (Edda poem) during the golden peaceful age, Fróðafriður, a golden ring lies on cross-roads, waiting for its owned who probably dropped it there by accident.
Guðrún asks (her new theory):  But could just as well be waiting for us as a cross in a circle. What do you say?

ancient Celtic cross
ancient Celtic cross


Listen to pronunciation: Draupnir, Gróttasöngur Fróðafriður
remember that the accent is _always_ on the first syllable in Icelandic

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