Völuspá Edda-poem

Völuspá Edda-poem, a most famous one.

There are many interpretations, not all of them good, a theology-professor in Iceland even claiming Völuspá to be the work of Christians –  and there is an explanation for that:
   Völuspá was Christianized!
That most likely saved her from being burnt at the stake along with other Heathen works.

And there are many suggestions and theories about her author and origin.

The best book ever on Völuspá is Maddaman með kýrhausinn by Helgi Hálfdánarson.
This book kept me smiling all the way through!

Helgi finds 3 ancient Heathen poems at the foundation of that heap of words which Völuspá truly is.

She is not using any sound and revered rules of poetry, metre in poetry, which our ancient skáld (spiritual poets) always dutifully used.

Helgi uses the rules of metre to see through the soup, and reveals, what he calls Ásaspá, Mímisspá, and Járnviðja. Helgi stripped of all Christianization, later-time added words and verses, and corrected all the funny misinterpretations which scholars have claimed to be the only correct way of understanding.

The scholars were so jealous, that they disregarded Maddaman all together!!
This was also the case when Einar Pálsson published all his marvellous and comprehensive interpretations of the Sagas and the Edda poems and myths.

The scholars claimed it to be un-scientific, put forth by that actor in West-end of town (haughtily spit out words with the tone of utter disdain).

I strongly recommend Maddaman to all who are tricked by Völuspá as we now know her to be a great work.

See also Eddas oral tradition
See also: Hávamál according to Óðsmál

Listen to pronunciation: völuspá

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