Álfar, elves, invite us into their hidden treasure

Elves are in folk-lore all over Europe. Why do they overlive (/survive) the dark ages of ignorance? Are they too real to be uprooted? And then: who are they?
In Iceland, the Church tried to make them evil: If we accepted their treasure they would never let us go back to churchian community. If we refused their treasure they would kill us. So keep away. We should go to church and have sacrament, blood and flesh of Jesus  (–priests as Jesus incarnated give their blood and flesh–).

Our elves are channels into the innermost treasure, pure Being, pure knowledge. We should accept their invitation and never again be conditions by institutions who want domination and our money.
We can have álfablót (álfa-blót), elf-blót / elves´ blót), to revere our innermost elves and the ones in Nature as well.